What is Craps? Necessary information

In the Philippines, many players wonder what Craps is? Is it difficult to play it, What do I need to learn to be able to play it? In the article below, Lodi646 will provide answers to all of the aforementioned questions.

In the West. Craps is a red-black game based on the results of two dice, which can be considered another variation of Sicbo. This game also uses two dice numbered from 1 to 6 to determine the winner.

Differences compared to other games

The difference between Craps and other games is that Craps lacks the management of a betting board (Dealer). Instead, a player will be assigned to coordinate the game, called the Shooter. To win this game, players will have to go through two rounds of rolling the dice. The result will determine whether the game ends in round 1 or goes to round 2.

In the game Craps, players do not have to compete or confront other players directly. Instead, players will have to bet in favor or not in favor of Shooter; the final result will depend on the results of the two dice and the bet you placed.

It is difficult to determine the exact number of Craps players because it is extremely popular worldwide. In some places, there are hundreds of people playing the same game of Craps at the same time.

What are the rules of Craps?

Basically, understanding the rules of Craps is not difficult; players will have to bet based on the results of rolling the dice. The game will start when the player finishes betting, The specific rules are as follows:

At the beginning of each bet, Shooter will roll 2 dice at once. All players will then place their bets in the designated area on the table.
At this point, the total score of the two dice after the first roll will determine whether the game can continue or not.
If the game enters round 2, the Shooter will continue to roll 2 dice until their total value is one of the numbers from 4 to 10, then the round will end.
The result of rolling the dice will directly affect who wins and loses the bet.
If the player bets correctly, then they will receive a bonus based on the odds they chose. On the contrary, if the player bets on the wrong result, he will lose all his bets.

What are the buttons used in Craps?

In the game of Craps, the bet button and betting table play a very important role. Here is a detailed description of the concepts related to Craps so you can play more effectively:

Bet on Craps

The bet button in Craps allows players to determine the amount they want to bet using the chips available on the betting table. Each time a chip is clicked, the bet amount will be increased accordingly.
The “Amount to bet per click” button helps you adjust the value of your bet, increasing each time you click on the chip.
After adjusting the bet amount to your liking, the player will proceed to choose one of the areas marked in blue on the craps table.

The roll button in Craps, also known as roll, is used to roll the dice. After about 4 to 5 seconds, the system will return the results to you. At this time, depending on the result, if you win, you will receive a bonus according to the selected odds ratio. If you lose, of course you will lose all your initial bet. In the event of a tie, the player will receive his bet back.


The repeat button in Craps game has the effect of betting one more time with the same amount and bet as the player’s previous game. This helps Craps players save time, avoid mistakes and avoid having to adjust their bets from the beginning.

The repeat command button helps you save more time when playing Craps online
The repeat command button helps you save more time when playing Craps online


The clear button in Craps allows players to revoke or delete all previous bets. This operation helps players start betting again from the beginning quickly, saving time

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