What is a betting system? How does betting work?

There are many different ways to bet on sports. Usually, players prefer quick bets and single bets are more popular. This coincidence can be explained by the fact that people do not fully understand. So what is a betting system? Let’s find out with 55BMW what are the advantages of this type, how to use it correctly and the meaning of the system in betting.

What is a betting system?

What is a betting system? It can be said that the combination of quick bets or single bets chosen by the better player is called a system according to a certain principle. The recording is made in two numerical values. For example: “2” and “4”. It can be deciphered as follows: the concept includes four options. They, in turn, have a combination of 2 options. In the end, it turns out that there will be four options and there must be two options for the entire system to win.

What are the advantages of betting systems?

What is a betting system?
What is a betting system?

Here are some of the advantages of betting systems for players when using them. Let’s find out now.

Players can win in the system even if some combinations fail, which helps to minimize losses. The bet does not require the player to have an exact score; it is enough to indicate the winning or losing team.

The total is evenly distributed across all options. System betting at the bookmaker can be a great option for those who want to play it safe. This is a practice that is especially useful for beginners.

One of the types of systems in the bookmaker that can be considered “complex”. In my opinion, the peculiarity of this type of bet is that the player adds up the most winning results. Moreover, he does this for all the components of the system. The number of selections decreases and the probability of winning increases.

How betting works

How betting works
How betting works

One of the most important aspects to learn is to understand how to calculate system bets in bookmakers. It will be easier to understand if we take an example. Suppose a bettor has chosen a betting system of size “2”, “3”. It turns out that a person must determine for himself three sporting events that he must bet on and two selections that must win in order for the player to receive his own jackpot. You can win the maximum if all three events are correct.

Next, you need to solve the money problem. Suppose with the above results, a person decides to bet $90, relatively speaking. It should be noted that each outcome will cost $30. We have three quick double bets:

  • First and second match;
  • Third and first match;
  • Third and second match.

Furthermore, if two results are correct, then you win. If only one result is correct, then you lose. You can expect a particularly good win if all three combinations are correct.

The betting system at the bookmaker is calculated according to the following diagram

The betting system at the bookmaker is calculated according to the following diagram
The betting system at the bookmaker is calculated according to the following diagram
  • The customer selects the number of bets available in the system;
    Creates the number of options.
  • The odds for a given outcome are created by the bookmaker
  • The amount invested is determined.
  • The result for each execution is expected.
  • The system wins if the specified number of options match
  • Loses if most of the predictions are wrong.

Let’s look at a concrete example

The player has identified three events on which he wants to create a system. The number of selections is set to 2. The bettor decides to invest 1000 rubles, which results in 333 rubles for each event. The results are as follows, where k is the coefficient:

“Dynamo” will win “Spartak” (k- 2.5);

Manchester United will lose to Liverpool (k- 2.8);

Lokomotiv will defeat the team Krylya Sovetov (k-2).

Suppose, based on the results of the matches, there are two correct assumptions: 1 and 3. Let’s calculate the winnings:

We multiply the winning odds of the outcomes together, then multiply them by the investment amount for each event. The result is (2.5 x 2) x 333 = 5 x 333 = 1665. Subtract the initial investment amount. The calculation is quite simple. For accuracy, you can use a calculator.

Let’s consider what the amount would be if all bets won, because then it is necessary to calculate all winning combinations.

(2.5×2) x333 + (2.5×2.8) x333 + (2.8×2) x 333 = 5×333 + 7×333 +5.6 x 333 = 1665 + 2331 + 1864 = 5860 rubles.

If you subtract the initial investment of 1000, the net profit will be 4860. Agree that this is a worthy result, but if one offers express trains separately, the revenue will be greater. This is also worth taking into account.


Now you know what is a betting system are? And how they work in bookmakers. This option has the advantage of increasing the number of options, as well as the disadvantage of reducing the number when winning. Usually, system betting is practiced by beginners who want to ensure their winnings. We hope that this article was useful and informative.



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